How To Train A Cat | How To Train Your Cat

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How To Train Your Cat

How to Train Your Cat

Do you have a cat that is:

Ignoring the litter box and instead peeing and pooping on the floor, your bed, your bathtub, or anywhere else they shouldn’t be

Biting you, your children or your guests unexpectedly

Scratching your couch, bed, and other furniture?

Digging in houseplants

Fighting with other cats in your household

Keeping you awake at night

Just plain misbehaving?

If any of these are an issue with you cat, then cat training could be the answer! When people say they are taking their pet to obedience training classes, others will assume that they mean their dog. More and more people are taking their cats to these classes as well. Cats are great pets. They are less time consuming than a dog, more affectionate than a hamster and definitely less creepy than a snake, but they can also be a huge mental challenge. Cats are experts at doing things when there are no witnesses, and that makes training them just a little more complicated. The first thing that a feline owner must understand is that scolding does not work with a cat at all. How to Train Your Cat

First, you have to make the decision of what behaviors will and will not be tolerated in your home. The first thing to accomplish should be the litter box, and then other skills can be introduced and perfected afterward. Do not allow your cat to get away with a bad behavior even once or he will be bound to repeat it, and remember although your cat will do several things that are similar to dogs, they are not the same and must be handled differently.

Cat training classes are more about training the human owners than about training the cats themselves, because it takes some real patience and understanding to deal with the behavior of even the best cat, and let’s face it, those are not the cats that are getting dragged to behavior classes, are they? Behavior classes are usually filled with harried owners at the last step before dropping their psycho pet off at the local shelter. Some cats are just nuts, and that is putting it mildly, so what is the cat owner to do?

You have to know your own cat’s mindset that can help you figure out how best to approach him. Regardless of the method, make sure that the rules are adhered to consistently by all family members or you might find manipulative monsieur le chat playing his hairless wards like a game of chess. Remember, you are the boss, not the cat! Let the cat get the upper, (paw) and all might very well be lost!

There are certain times of year when we put the most interesting objects on the fireplace mantel and even on the walls! How do we keep our curious cat from over investigating and damaging these items and doing stuff like knocking over the christmas tree? Learn more here: Training Your Pet Cat

The cat training class will show you the proper methods of training/disciplining your cat, as well as the best reward system to use. Some cats are pure beggars and will turn themselves into pure gluttons for the treats, while others would rather starve to death rather than comply with such frivolity as rules.

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